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How Die Pferde App Uses Demodesk to Increase Customer Success During Corona

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How Die Pferde App Uses Demodesk to Increase Customer Success During Corona

Die Pferde App is a German company that deals with the digitalization of equestrian sports. Typically, they are a business that works with offline customers and horse owners to facilitate equestrian sports and training. The app helps make their customer’s daily activities easier including task management, event bookings, planning, and coordination. Normally, Die Pferde App conducts customer-facing appointments and demonstrations in person. However, COVID-19 has made this very difficult for them to carry out these meetings in a safe manner.

“It is very important for us to be able to give the plant manager a direct insight into the app.” - Christina Terbille, Die Pferde App

Before finding Demodesk, they needed to find a solution that would allow them to communicate with their customers but wouldn’t require them to have an account, to download software, or install a plug-in. Since most of their customers have not participated in a video conference before, having a simple to use interface and easy meeting access was a must-have. Meeting Tool Requirements:

  • Meet virtually
  • Simple to use for the customer
  • Easy to access meetings from any browser and device
  • No firewall problems
  • Video conference functionality
  • Other features as a bonus

Many online video conferencing products don’t exactly check off all these boxes, having download, plug-in, and/or account login requirements. Die Pferde App wanted to make sure they did not have to impose these issues on their customers. These must-have features brought Die Pferde App to Demodesk.

Cristina Terbille Die Pferd App
“Demodesk has the absolute advantage that we can send the link to our customers really easily - via email, via Whatsapp, via SMS. And the customer doesn't have to register or download anything, he can just click on this link and we are right there where he is.” - Christina Terbille, Die Pferde AppAs a result, Die Pferde App began using Demodesk to get their customer meetings back up and running. Not only are they now able to meet virtually, but they can meet anywhere on any device- even if they are riding a horse.
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‍Demodesk has helped Die Pferde App connect with its customers in a tough time. Since they started using Demodesk, they have seen the overall advantage it can provide their business. Even when restrictions from COVID-19 are lifted, they will be able to continue utilizing the tool to easily connect with customers via a direct meeting link.

“We can talk directly to each other and I can give him insights into the app and show him everything step by step. With Demodesk, I think it has never been easier to connect via video” - Christina Terbille, Die Pferde App

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